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To start your blockchain journey, a wallet is essential This requires significant resources. Any assistance needed for building and managing a wallet?

With Octet,
it’s easy and convenient for
all teams - finance, development, and operations.

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Convenience in Virtual Asset Tax and Accounting Proof

You can easily check the value of assets in the current balance and at the time of transactions in KRW.
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Provide a key technology for acquiring VASP - Multi-sig solution.

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Shorten the VASP acquisition period by 6 months

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Comply domestic acquisition regulations

VASP Acquisition Support

As Octet has acquired VASP in Korea, we support our client throughout the process of obtaining VASP.
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Secure Asset Management

With advanced multi-sig technology, our assets are managed securely by dispersing keys into multiple segments.


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Finance · Wallet

Customers find the wallet easy to use due to its simple and intuitive interface. While we, operators, appreciate the capability to customize services.

Shinhan Bank · Minju Kim
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Retail NFT Service

We built a transaction system that prevents double withdrawals automatically within two weeks. Furthermore, we seamlessly handle the issuance and management of NFTs.

Shinsegae I&C · Seungjoon Lee
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