The most excellent blockchain research institute

We are doing stability verification and contract developing of blockchain project at home and abroad.
Also, We are researching into various blockchain technology

* As of July 2018
  • Precise stability verification
    based on self-developed test net

    Errors or problems in the design of a contract can cause significant damage to the cryptographic market.
    We are doing stability verification through the most precise and high level technology with having a responsibility.

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  • Smart contract development of Domestic and foreign
    Unique technology development ability through operation of 8 nodes

    We are engaged in smart contract development, token issuance, and contract development consulting that can be commercialized in the blockchain market. Also we have know-how such as wallet management, server setting and security so that blockchain nodes as BTC, ETH, and EOS can be used for actual service.

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  • Consulting token economy of blockchain teams and
    having market know-how through ICO accelerating experience

    We understand a global blockchain market situation and support blockchain teams from the formation of the token ecosystem to accelerating.

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Technical inquiry

Request Hexlant for the most accurate
and high-quality technical verification.

Technical inquiry

Partners and Customers

Hexlant Partners

  • able
  • aicrypto
  • aktv
  • alphacon
  • asobi
  • aston
  • bithumb
  • bryllite
  • cashierest
  • cfun
  • coinrail
  • decenter
  • fastcampus
  • humanscape
  • mmoney
  • nper
  • pluscoin
  • robin-8
  • tokenpost
  • weshow

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