• Audit

Select the
Type of Security Audit

  • Ethereum Contract Security Audit

    Security Audit on Complete Contract

  • Mainnet Security Audit

    Verify Security of Main Network Processor

  • Token Mainnet Swap

    Support Swap in a case of Network Change

  • Smart Contract Development

    Support Contract Development

  • Token Re-Issuance

    Support Re-distribution of Contract in a case of Code Error,

  • Hyperledger Audit for Enterprise

    Permissioned Blockchain Audit

What is Hexlant Audit?

Hexlant Audit Verifies Stability of Client's Smart Contract, and Scan for Vulnerability. Based on the most Extensive Security Test Cases in Korea, Hexlant Accurately Identifies Vulnerabilities in Smart Contract, and Offers Follow-up Audit Report.

Use Case Klaytn BApp, Ethereum BApp

5 days

Needed for
Technical Support